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Reveling at the Rendez-vous ( 6/28/19)
Registration for the 2019 Pacific Puddle Jump is now closed. (6/25/19)
A Well-Earned SoPac Celebration
Puddle Jumpers Prepare to Pounce (3/12/18)
Panama Puddle Jump Sendoffs (2/19/18)
Registration for the 2018 Pacific Puddle Jump is now closed. (11/22/17)
Dozens of Jumpers Head West (3/15/17)
PPJ Cruisers Ready to Leap (3/8/17)
Puddle Jump Sendoffs in Mex & Panama (2/15/17)
Pacific Puddle Jump Signups Begin (11/18/16)
Registration for the 2017 Pacific Puddle Jump is now clsoed. (11/18/16)
Five Days in Nuku Hiva (10/6/16)
Notes on Food and Fuel in the Marquesas (10/6/16)
Thoughts on Ciguatera (10/6/16)
When Can I Sign Up for PPJ 2017? (9/21/16)
Notes From Out There (7/8/16)
Biggest Tahiti Rendez-vous Ever (6/27/16)
Registration for the 2016 Pacific Puddle Jump is now closed. (6/24/16)
Morning Dove Lost on Tuamotu Reef
Puddle Jumping from La Paz (3/14/16)
Doing Good While Having Fun (3/11/16)
Cruisin' Through the Crossroads (3/9/16)
Puddle Jumpers Ready to Pounce (3/2/16)
Puddle Jumpers Gather (2/25/16)
Panama Canal's Third Lane Repaired
The send-off party dates have been announced.

Revved Up at the Rendez-vous (6/24/15)
Registration for the 2015 Pacific Puddle Jump is now closed. (6/24/15)
Puddle Jumpers Flock to the Rendez-vous
Nirvana Now Crew Tells Their Story
Nirvana Scuttled, Crew Rescued
Puddle Jumpers Disabled In Mid-Ocean
Cruiser Convergence
Latitude 38
Salutes the Puddle Jumpers
Puddle Jump Send-Offs Begin This Week
See You in Seattle
"My Wife Was Not Happy"
Double Dose of Bad Luck
2015 Pacific Puddle Jump Revs Up
Checking in From Out There (10/13/14)
Kaufmans Sue Their Iridium Time Provider
Mid-Pacific Rendezvous
Singlehander Loses Boat In Nature Reserve
Registration for the 2014 Pacific Puddle Jump is now closed. (6/17/14)
Tragedy in the Night
SIM Card Controversy
Sportfishing While Puddle Jumping
Kaufmans Break Silence on Rescue
Escape Velocity Dismasted But Safe
Mid-Pacific Puddle Jump Report
Rescued Sailors Return to Homeport
Rescued Infant Improves; Parents Defend Cruise
Sick Baby Awaits Mid-Ocean Airlift
Stopover Handbooks for French Polynesia and New Caledonia have been posted to our website. (3/17/14)
Pre-Departure Puddle Jump Fiesta
Panama Jumpers Soon to Head West (3/5/14)
Complexities of the Puddle Jump (2/21/14)
South Pacific Cruising Strategies
Bond Exemptions for 2014 Puddle Jumpers (12/16/13)
Puddle Jumpers Gather at Whangarei
Puddle Jump Registration Opens (11/25/13)
MId-Ocean Assist (11/25/13)
The first five sign-ups are posted.
Registration for 2014 Pacific Puddle Jump Now Open! (11/18/13)
Fire Aboard: Cruisers' Worst Nightmare
Blue Marble Crew's Bittersweet Goodbye (10/9/13)
Cruisers Converge on Vava'u
Blue Marble's Niue Nightmare (9/13/13)
Meanwhile, in Tonga (8/9/13)
The Loss of Zen
Rendezvous Reunion in Paradise (7/3/13)
Starship - 340 Miles to the Gallon (5/17/13)
A Mid-Ocean Proposal (4/22/13)
See Us at Strictly Sail Pacific (4/1/13)
Heaps of Fun in Majuro (4/1/13)
Jumpers Poised to Pounce (3/11/13)
Fifteen Minutes of Fame Day (3/1/13)
Vintage Bay Woodie Sinks in South Pacific (2/6/13)
Fun Times in the Tropics
To Ha-Ha or Jump the Puddle? (1/25/13)
Bond Exemption Update for 2013 (1/10/13)
The Souvenir That Lasts a Lifetime (1/7/13)
New Deal for Puddle Jumpers (1/4/13)
Assessing Evan's Wrath (12/19/12)
Cyclone Evan Pummels Nadi
Pacific Puddle Jump Dates Set
Super Typhoon Bopha Skirts Palau (12/3/12)
Kiribati Requiring U.S. Clearance Papers
Strange Goings-on in Vanuatu

A Seven-Year Lap (8/6/12)
Make Friends with Tax-Free Liquor (7/16/12)
Picture-Perfect Tahitian Welcome (6/27/12)
Sailors Lost in Tongan Wreck (6/20/12)
A Gift from Mother Nature (6/11/12)
Tahiti-Moorea Sailing Rendezvous June 22-24
Tropical Photo Quiz
A Russian Empire in the South Pacific? (5/2/12)
Getting a Long Stay Visa
Cruiser/Pilot Missing in Palau (4/4/12)
Nuku Hiva Murder Suspect Update (3/16/12)
Cruisers at the Crossroads
PPJ Bond Exemption Info (3/8/12)
Pacific Puddle Jumpers Prepare to Head West
Sneaky Cyril Smacks Neiafu
Good News for Puddle Jumpers
SoPac Seminars Educate Puddle Jumpers
We've updated our 'Articles' section with Latitude 38 stories from 2010 and 2011. (12/21/11)
Check out who's signed up so far! (12/14/11)
'What is it?' has been updated
Getting Crabby in the Cooks
Pacific Puddle Jump Registration Now Open (12/7/11)
Registration for the 2012 Pacific Puddle Jump Is Open!
Right Hat for the Job
Cruiser Attacked in Pago Pago (11/7/11)
German Cruiser Eaten by a Cannibal?
South Pacific Reefs Claim Another Sailboat (8/29/11)
More on the Loss of Ri Ri
American Yacht Wrecked at Palmerston (8/19/11)
A South Pacific Loop
Understanding Customer Wants and Needs (6/29/11)
Marvelous Mid-Pacific Rendezvous
Nav Beacons Destroyed in Turf War (6/15/11)
'02 Puddle Jump Reunion Set for March
In Celebration of the Big Jump (5/9/11)
Registration for the 2011 Pacific Puddle Jump is closed. (5/3/11)
Why is This Crew Smiling? (4/13/11)
May the Honeymoon Never End (3/25/11)
Bond Exemption Finalized (3/7/11)
South Pacific Weather Simplified (3/1/11)
The Yachtsmen's Guide to French Polynesia has been updated for 2011-2012: download a PDF. (2/22/11)
Panama Puddle Jump Fiesta (2/16/11)
Partying with the Puddle Jumpers (2/7/11)
South Pacific Weather (2/1/11)
Medicine at Sea Articles (1/31/11)
Bond Deal & Parties for Jumpers (1/28/11)
Avoiding Tahiti's Dreaded Bond (1/14/11)
The 2011 Fleet List is off to a good start (1/6/11)
A Celebration of Suds (1/5/11)
Registration is open for the 2011 PPJ (12/20/10)
Who Owns Minerva Reef? (11/24/10)
Aquila Lost Near New Caledonia (11/17/10)
Presumed PPJers Assisted Off Hawaii (11/8/10)
Still Struggling on Robinson Crusoe (11/8/10)
Pleasure Cruise to Rescue Operation (10/18/10)
The Rest of the Story (10/11/10)
Date Set for Panama Puddle Jump Fiesta (10/8/10)
She's as Sweet as She Is Tough (10/6/10)
Help Put Art on the Bottom of the Ocean? (10/1/10)
Big Fun at Regatta Vava'u (9/29/10)
Pacific Cruisers Converge on Vava'u (9/20/10)
2010 Passage Data Table (52kb PDF) (9/3/10)
Pacific Crossing Data Revealed (9/3/10)
Vallarta YC Seminar Schedule Announced (8/25/10)
Lessons Learned on the Path to Polynesia (8/25/10)
Flipped Cat Anna Washes Up on Tonga (8/20/10)
2011 Puddle Jump Plans Announced (8/16/10)
Big Cruising Cat Flips Near Niue (8/11/10)
After Tahiti, What Next? (8/2/10)
Determination Gets It Done (7/26/10)
Tonga Regatta Builds Momentum (7/23/10)
The Sun Puts on a Show (7/16/10)
Adrift in a Sea of Vowels (7/12/10)
Tahiti Trip Log (6/28/10)
Tar Baby II Dismasted Near Niue (6/23/10)
Tahiti-Moorea Sailing Rendezvous (6/12/10)
Airwego & Stray Dog Lost, Crews Rescued (5/21/10)
The Work Today, Cruise Tomorrow Plan (5/19/10)
Air-Evacuated Crewman on the Mend
Spot On. . . Or Not (5/10/10)
Working Your Way Around (4/21/10)
Puddle Jumpers Reach Marquesas (4/19/10)
Ha-Ha and Puddle Jump Reunion Tonight (4/16/10)
Kattywampus Lost on South Pacific Reef (4/14/10)
Long Overdue Yacht Columbia Arrives (4/12/10)
Pacific Puddle Jump Seminars at Strictly Sail Pacific (4/7/10)
Injured Puddle Jumper Evacuated (4/5/10)
Search for S/V Columbia Continues (3/26/10)
Seeking Info on Missing Boat and Crew (3/19/10)
Tomas and Ului Pose Double Threat (3/15/10)
International Cruisers Converge at Panama (3/8/10)
Calling All Panama Puddle Jumpers (3/3/10)
Updates on Recent Developments (2/26/10)
Bond Requirements for French Polynesia (2/24/10)
Photos That'll Make You Sick...with Envy (2/19/10)
Tonga Battered by Cyclone Rene (2/15/10)
Cyclone Rene Bears Down on Tonga (2/12/10)
Puddle Jumpers Converge on Vallarta YC (2/8/10)
Boatloads of Seminars Scheduled (1/20/10)
The 2010 Puddle Jump Stampede (1/11/10)
The Loss of Moonduster (1/11/10)
Moonduster Lost in Fiji Cyclone (12/16/09)
Friend of Tonga Cruisers Needs Help
Surfers & Cruisers Lend a Hand
Tsunami Update
Reports from the South Pacific (10/2/09)
Tsunami Devastates Samoa (9/30/09)
Online Puddle Jump Rally Sign-Up
Cruisers Save the Day - and a Finger
Solo Sailor Overdue in Marquesas (8/31/09)
More 'Stone Age' Than Manu Rere (8/31/09)
New Stuff at Niue (8/24/09)
Avatar Arrives After 934 Miles Adrift (8/21/09)
U.S. Territory Shifts Focus to Cruisers (8/19/09
Rudderless Cruiser Approaches Pago Pago (8/17/09)
First Tonga Regatta Slated for September (8/10/09)
Double Collision Explained (8/7/09)
Yohelah Struck in Nightime Collision (8/5/09)
Our wonderful sponsors now have their own page on our site. Check 'em out and give them your support, as they support the Puddle Jump. (7/8/09)
A Glorious Welcome to Polynesia (6/26/09)
Tahiti Rendezvous Reaches Maximum Capacity (6/19/09)
Glenn Tieman Safe in the Marquesas (6/17/09)
A Search and Rescue contact list for the Pacific is now available on our site as a PDF. (6/15/09)
We've added a page to the site for older group photos, 1997-2003. (6/11/09)
Cruisers Head for Tahiti Rendezvous (Mandolin) (6/8/09)
Elusive Crew Safe in Fiji (6/1/09)
J/44 Elusive Sinks from Unknown Causes (5/18/09)
Cruisers Hopeful about Landers' Survival (5/15/09)
Latitude 38's Extended Delivery Route (5/13/09)
The Equator Goes High Tech (Follow You Follow Me) (5/11/09)
Singlehander Still Missing (5/8/09)
Search Underway for Shipwrecked Puddle Jumper (5/6/09)
A registration information packet for the Tahiti Pearl Regatta has been added to our site. To access it, click on the image on the right. (4/29/09)
The Southern Route to Polynesia, Carina (4/24/09)
Nataraja Says Goodbye… Again (4/15/09)
Psyching Up for Strictly Sail (4/13/09)
Hitchin' a Ride to Paradise (4/10/09)
Volcanic Eruptions in Tonga (3/20/09)
Bond Exemptions Approved! (3/18/09)
Primo Conditions for Puddle Jump Migration (3/13/09)
Puddle Jumpers Poised to Pounce (3/2/09)
From Roughing It to Five-Star Luxury (2/20/09)
Deadline for Tahiti Bond Extension (2/13/09)
Standing Room Only Seminars (1/28/09)
Latitude 38 (and Puddle Jump) at Seattle Boat Show (1/21/09)
Puddle Jumpers Gather in Banderas Bay (1/12/09)
2009 Events Announced (11/17/08)
Scientists and Sailors Work Togther (Sisiutl) (8/18/08)
'Tahiti Rendezvous' Staged for Puddle Jumpers (6/18/08)
See 'Lectronic Latitude for an update on Sally Hein of Grace (6/11/08)
Solace checks in from Hiva Oa (4/21/08)
Sailed Solo, Moonduster arrives in 20 days
More 'Lectronic Latitude coverage, this time of Grace (3/19/08)
The Westward Migration Has Begun (3/17/08)
Getting a Long-Stay Visa (1/17/08)


February 16 in Panama
March 11 in Puerto Vallarta

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